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Hello, I'm a young man who likes the color yellow. And that you can see in my favourite cartoon characters: Lisa Simpson and Pikachu. Now I'd like to tell you my opinions about these characters:

Lisa Simpson:
I like her because:
*She's yellow (obviously).
*She's smart.
*She loves her family (especially I like how she and her dad love each other despite being two completely different people and how she expresses her occasional friendship with Bart).
*Her secret identity is the Clobber Girl, a supercool superhero with amazing super strength.
*She sometimes gets into trouble (you know, the fact that she's just a human).
*She's a cute little girl.
*She's bad at (most) sports (another side of her showing that she isn't perfect, like none of us is).
*She has those times when she falls in love with a boy, and especially I like those times when the boy dumps her (a fact proving that she sometimes slips into temptations and is not so perfect as she sometimes seems or claims herself to be).
*She has been the most cutest cartoon baby ever (besides Maggie, of course), as seen in flashback episodes such as "Lisa's First Word".
*She has made those wonderful appearances in those flashforward episodes, out of which my favourite is absolutely "Lisa's Wedding" (it's my all time favourite episode of The Simpsons also, by the way).

What I DON'T like in her:
*Her radical side:
**She's ready to do pretty wild things to protect environment and such and such.
**She's a vegetarian (a thing that I have always hated).
**She's a Buddhist (oh, please, an eight-year-old girl just switching religion like that? Give me a break!).
**She's a member of Mensa (why must she always be so special and above others? WOuld it hurt if she could be just a normal eight-year-old girl every once in a while?).
*Her obsession for perfection in school (I mean, can you say that a girl who is obsessed of having an A+ from every test and schoolwork is a sane one? Oh, for the love of God... That's why I like those few times when she gets a bad grade).
*The fact that she likes and laughs at Itchy & Scratchy (I have always hated that cartoon. What's so great about a mouse repeatedly killing a cat for no good reason so that there is blood and inner organs everywhere? Nothing, if you ask from me. If there has to be TV violence, I prefer as little blood and killing as possible and no inner organs visible. Hitting, punching and kicking without blood are OK, as well as bloodless killing, such as in Harry Potter and Transformers. So anyway, my opinion is that Marge is a very smart woman: she thinks that Itchy & Scratchy's violence is senseless, and I completely agree with her).

Anyway, she has more good sides than bad ones, so I'm just trying to ignore the bad ones and focus on the good ones.

And then about Pokémon, the greatest anime show ever published! My favourite character is of course Pikachu, the little, yellow electric rodent loved by all Pokémon fans! I also like Ash, even though he doesn't wear anything yellow. Other yellow Pokémon I like are:

*Raichu (yeah, I know it's mostly orange, but still)

And of course there are many other not yellow Pokémon I like. :D

Now, anyway, about myself: I consider myself more of an author, so don't expect me posting at least very good art. I'm just posting short stories about The Simpsons (starring Bart, Lisa, and sometimes also Maggie Simpson as the main characters), and maybe also about Pokémon somewhere in the future.

PS. I'd be pleased if you could give me comments about my stories.
PPS. Yes, I know this is just a copy of my first journal, but as I didn't find a way to bring back the first one after a time I got tagged (see here ->…), so I just ended up copying it on this new journal.
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A lovable electric rodent
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I am Raichu, an Electric Mouse Pokémon, and I follow the commands of my mighty Trainer, Lt. Surge! My Thunderbolt attack is sure to knock out any of your Pokémon!

PS. Please don't use Ground-types against me.

Favourite genre of music: None
Favourite cartoon character: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Lisa Simpson

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